Marica trček

Graduated painter Marica Trček was born in 1971 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, Europe. She spent her childhood in a small village called Dolž pod Gorjanci and later moved to Žiri, where she now has a family and is continuing with the creation of her works. For her, painting used to be a way to relax during her academic years, but in the past decade she has taken on painting as a profession. She graduated at “Art House” – College of Visual Arts with a dissertation named “Monet beyond new ways”.

Mainly due to the rough application of the colours with the painting knife the artist tends to lean towards impressionism which she analyses and studies – she applies her thoughts and spirit to her own conceptual world.

Marica Trček prefers to explore the landscape through the seasons in all of the variable lighting and weather conditions. She dissolves the image of nature into thousands of nuances, the colours are applied using the impasto technique thus creating the illusion of a fading reality.
Rich and clean shades, along with the combinations of warm and cool tones contribute to the intensity of the artwork – and with this oil painting gains more expressive power. The outline is gradually disappearing and we are drawn by the colours which are turning into some sort of an elusive game that requires a clear colouristic sense. This leads into a vibrant image and allows the observer to immerse oneself in tranquillity and introspect. Techniques of depth are guiding us through the surface of the painting and into the distance, into the vast profound where our gaze discovers peace and finds some time to rest. If we succeed in this, we will be captivated and enriched.

The soul of the painter portrays the setting by which it is surrounded. The beauty created by the artist is much greater than the tangible beauty – this is the astonishing compatibility of the idea and the image. A work of art is created, and it bares a message which touches us – each in its own way.

Soul of an artist

Why is impressionism my beloved painting style? Why di I decide for rough coats of paint, for moments from nature, for playfulness of light? We live in a world, where all the things are raging on, where time is money and where we are in a constant rush. The first painters who have inquired into impressionism were fed up with excessive passion and “rampage” of romance, so they kept returning to nature, where they could calm their emotions. You can quickly draw parallels with that period and today’s rushing that governs the modern world. Momentary beauty of nature, the sun’s reflection on the surface of water, sunlight penetrating through the tree canopy, calm sea.These images equally fascinated the early impressionists in the same way that they fascinate me.
Returning to nature calms me and allows me to escape from this crazy,modern world. It allows me to recharge the batteries. The impressionists aren’t lookong for classical ideals. I let the moment and the impression take me over and so I draw inspiration from them. I let colors play with each other, but not on the pallete, bot on canvas. This way they interactwith each other directly vbefore the eyes of the observer, as is the case with the game of light in nature. I calm my emotions down with the choice of different motifs, but mostly with vast layers of paint. These are basically rough, but pass into tenderness. Once there is a rapid and gentle stroke of the brush, but then I use a strong coat of paint.

What is the essence and the characteristics of Impressionist technique?

Painting is done with short, thick strokes, as it captures the soul of the object, the moment of impression. Brush strokes are  visible,layers on the canvas are thick and have relief, so an observer can see the artist’s mind and emotions. Black is no longer used only for clors darker shades, but becomes independent color and acquires a character.
It is essential to observe and render the game of light and how one object will affect the other when it’s illuminated. It is also important to observe how the light falls and how the shadows are created. Shadows are becoming more and more blue, like the surfaces of the snow, and this way the painting gets an additional and natural depth.
By applying new layer of paint on the previous one, which has  not dried yet, the artist gets more natural shedding of colors. Thereby, the full colors of the painting become much more softer. Impressionistic motifs are mainly  scenes from nature – the trees in the forest,  landscape, vineyards … And an extremely important fact to the Impressionists is that theypaint as they want and ignore all the rules and traditions.

So, you got an insight into my world, in my artistic expression, and thereby also to a part of my soul. If you would like to get even deeper insight, take a look at my feelings and thoughts that I have shed on the canvas! Enjoy my paintings and other art!