Impressions of imaginary and real

Marica trček
Graduated painter

Why is impressionism my beloved painting style? Why di I decide for rough coats of paint, for moments from nature, for playfulness of light? We live in a world, where all the things are raging on, where time is money and where we are in a constant rush. The first painters who have inquired into impressionism were fed up with excessive passion and “rampage” of romance, so they kept returning to nature, where they could calm their emotions. You can quickly draw parallels with that period and today’s rushing that governs the modern world. Momentary beauty of nature, the sun’s reflection on the surface of water, sunlight penetrating through the tree canopy, calm sea.These images equally fascinated the early impressionists in the same way that they fascinate me. Returning to nature calms me and allows me to escape from this crazy,modern world. It allows me to recharge the batteries. The impressionists aren’t lookong for classical ideals. I let the moment and the impression take me over and so I draw inspiration from them. I let colors play with each other, but not on the pallete, bot on canvas. This way they interactwith each other directly vbefore the eyes of the observer, as is the case with the game of light in nature. I calm my emotions down with the choice of different motifs, but mostly with vast layers of paint. These are basically rough, but pass into tenderness. Once there is a rapid and gentle stroke of the brush, but then I use a strong coat of paint.

Oil painting

Painting is done with short, thick strokes, as it captures the soul of the object, the moment of impression. Brush strokes are  visible,layers on the canvas are thick and have relief, so an observer can see the artist’s mind and emotions. Black is no longer used only for clors darker shades, but becomes independent color and acquires a character.
It is essential to observe and render the game of light and how one object will affect the other when it’s illuminated. It is also important to observe how the light falls and how the shadows are created. Shadows are becoming more and more blue, like the surfaces of the snow, and this way the painting gets an additional and natural depth. By applying new layer of paint on the previous one, which has not dried yet, the artist gets more natural shedding of colors. Thereby, the full colors of the painting become much more softer. Impressionistic motifs are mainly  scenes from nature – the trees in the forest,  landscape, vineyards … And an extremely important fact to the Impressionists is that they paint as they want and ignore all the rules and traditions. So, you got an insight into my world, in my artistic expression, and thereby also to a part of my soul. If you would like to get even deeper insight, take a look at my feelings and thoughts that I have shed on the canvas! Enjoy my paintings and other art!

Stapler pin art

After more than 15 years of exclusively impressionistic painting, I began to “flirt” with the world of sculpture with my diploma work in the form of a 3D object. Later, I began to seek a counterbalance to impressionistic creation. After several years of trying new techniques, tools and materials, “clamping” was born, which is a novelty in artistic expression. This is not quite sculpture, but it is an artistic expression that borders on painting and sculpture. It is a special technique of inserting metal clips directly onto a canvas attached to wood. It should be emphasized that when designing images on the canvas, I do not make preliminary sketches. I weave the images into the canvas surface using a special clipping technique, which I design one next to the other and densely cover one over the other. In this way, I achieve the effect of the whole. The smooth, metallic-silver surface at the point of contact with different light allows for a rich play of light and shadow and depth and shape of the depicted motif. The motifs from the clips are actually color negatives, which is the opposite of the colorfulness of impressionistic paintings. This has brought balance to my artistic creation. If I used to choose bright colors for impressionistic paintings, now I choose the purity of black, white and gold. If I used to choose rough layers, I now choose precise, sensitive details. If I used to create a view of the artwork itself, now the viewer chooses the view of the artwork from various angles.

Nature has always been my main inspiration and that has not changed this time either. I still remain faithful to nature motifs and capturing light, depth, and this time to the details of leaves, cones, chestnuts, small branches, nests, etc., which I create with more than 20,000 metal clips in one single artwork! This is a special technique that requires precision, concentration and an extremely precise process.

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